Moviepoopshoot Picks Up Another Webcomic, filmmaker Kevin Smith’s “all things entertainment” site, will be adding “Ted Noodleman – Bicycle Delivery Boy” to its line-up in March. Noodlesman is a weekly strip by creator and writer Jim Keplinger, artist Ryan Ottley, and colorist Ron Riley.

The strip’s protagonist Ted leads an exceedingly active fantasy life based on what he reads as he is waiting for packages to deliver. Ted is portrayed as a lanky, unattractive, greasy-haired geek who imagines himself transforming into all manner of heroes, villains, and genre specific characters. Meanwhile, the rest of the world continues as normal, but is affected by Ted’s odd antics as he peddles his way through the city on his delivery runs.

“We’re happy they’re joining the site,” says Chris Ryall, the site’s Editor-in-Chief. “They’re a perfect fit with our slightly askew look at pop culture and entertainment.”


Xaviar Xerexes

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