2007 WCCA Announcement

This year the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards took a huge step forward by using for the first time our own, self-sufficient webhost and voting mechanisms. With any step this big there's bound to be some wobbling, but with the foundation set the future of the awards is ready to take off. And next year we already have even bigger and better challenges ready to take the WCCAs to a whole new level.

One element of the awards that has always caused confusion is trying to justify the timing of the awards with the definition of a comic's previous year of performance. Having the awards in the middle of the year always raises confusion regarding whether we're judging the previous physical year or the previous calender year. Well, next year we'll be moving the 2007 WCCA awards to the beginning of the year to clarify that judging will be based on the nominees performance within the year 2006.

Therefore the 2007 Nomination round will begin January 1st and will end on January 14th.

Nominees will be announced and the voting round will begin on January 22nd and will end on February 11th.

Winning announcements will be available online on February 19th.

But there's more, in addition to the traditional online ceremony, The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards will be hosting a LIVE ceremony in 2007! We are pleased to have the cooperation of the organizers of MegaCon and plan to make our award ceremony an important part of this convention. Having a live event opens up a number of opportunities to us that we're looking forward to nurturing and developing. Just as the WCCAs have grown and improved over the years, we're looking forward to this new live element to take off and become as popular as our online ceremony.

We hope all of you will be able to make to this awards presentation. And if you're interested in helping out on this live event, or helping out with the 2007 awards in general, please contact me at zortic@yahoo.com


Mark Mekkes

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