Aces High Debuts @ Graphicsmash!

In a move that surprised none and twitterpated others, the Marvelous Patric announced his triumphant return to GraphicSmash with the beginning of his new series Aces High.

Aces High asks the question “What if being cool was a super power?” It also goes on to tell the adventures of said super hero and other people his adventures involve.

“It’s just straight-up super-hero goodness, yo,” said Patric.

So if you haven’t subscribed to the single hottest webcomic service (graphicsmash.. duh!), now is the BEST time. Simply go down, click on the old subscribe button, and make sure you say it’s because of Aces High, the hottest new superhero comic this side of Bendis.

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget about Patric’s own site, . There, you’ll find the latest and greatest Freaks N Squeeks strip always for free, as well as over 100 strips in the FNS archive, available for only a quarter. And if you like mice, but only in that safe, platonic sense, make sure to check out the original FNS comic, “Of Mice and Bernouli”, now available for a mere 15¢. All micropayments are of course, courtesy of Bitpass.