Freaks N Squeeks Returns With All New Comics!

In a move that surprised no one and caused others to throw shoes at presidents, the Marvelous Patric is thrilled to announce that his popular and long-running comic, Freaks N Squeeks, is returning with all new comics as of December 29th, 2008.

"People still know how to read, right?" Patric was over heard to say as he slaved over his drawing board, sweating pure brilliance.  

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Is This A Comic? Closure and Synthesis (Part 3)

For the past couple of columns (part one and part two), we’ve been examining "closure and synthesis" — the third of my "four criteria" for a new definition of what is a comic.  Closure was defined as "the phenomenon of observing the parts but perceiving the whole" while synthesis is defined as "the process of the human mind to take the elements provided to them in a work and to create from the Continue Reading

Is This A Comic? Closure and Synthesis (Part 2)

Last month, we began delving into my third of Four Criteria which I propose help to define comics, Closure and Synthesis.  We looked at what has been a widely (though not universally) accepted concept of closure, best defined by Scott McCloud as “the phenomenon of observing the parts but perceiving the whole.”  This time around we’re going to be further exploring the other half of the criteria, synthesis.

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Is This A Comic? Closure and Synthesis (Part 1)

So far on our quest to define comics, I have set out my four criteria that I believe best determines whether a given work is a comic or not.  The Four Criteria are: The Intent of the Creator,  Audience Experience, Closure and Synthesis, and The Use of Visual Language.  In previous months, we’ve delved further into The Intent of the Creator and Audience Experience.  This brings us to our third criteria, Closure and Synthesis.  

What is Closure and Synthesis?  Why does this criteria include two distinct concepts?  And just how are these two things related?

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Is This A Comic? Audience Experience

In this installment of his series on exploring the definition of "comics", Patric Lewandowski looks at Audience Experience, the second of his four criteria for determing "What is a comic?"

Lewandowski explains how this criteria is unique as it has less to do with the creator and instead explores the idea that a comic must be experienced by the audience in a very particular way in the work’s original published iteration.

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Is This A Comic: Intent of the Creator

In the first installment of a series of articles examing the definition of "comic", Patric Lewandowski looked at existing efforts to define the nature of comics and proposed that another approach is needed. In the second installment Lewandowski set out the four criteria that he proposed to use in his examination of a new definition for comics.

In this article, Lewandowski focuses in on the first of his four criteria: the intent of the creator. What does this criteria mean? How is it defined? Why do we need it?

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Freaks N Squeeks to Hit #500

Freaks N Squeeks will reach it’s 500th strip this thursday, November 10th, a day that will live in infamy, or at least a suburb of infamy.

“500 seems like a big number to me,” said Patric. “I reckon we ought to do something special for it… oh hey… there’s that membership drive going on right now too…”

Although normally, a subscription to the archives of the webcomic is $20 per year, from November 10th to the 17th, the entire archive of FNS will be opened up and free to everyone. And up until the 17th you can subscribe to FNS for only $15. Continue Reading


Monday Cup of Webcomic Coffee

First off, check out the post immediately below to get the scoop on the first week of our October issue.

And now the news…

Tom Spurgeon catches another sign of the apocalypse, The Globe drops Garfield.

Still checking out Warren Ellis’ The Engine from time to time. But today, I accidentally found another “engine” site – this one the home of a UK creators’ collective. On this engine, there’s an interview with Alan Moore there worth reading (Go to this page and scroll down for the link). There’s apparently plans to have webcomics there too although nothing is posted at this point.

This week’s Digital Strips podcast focuses on webcomics collectives. (While we’re on podcasts I’m not sure I remembered to link to the Blank Label Comics interview with Eric “Websnark” Burns from awhile back.)

Benjamin Birdie has moved his webcomic Genre City: Plan B from Modern Tales to his webcomicsnation site, !Pass. This means the archives are now free so go forth and read. Definitely worth it! (And after you read it you can, like me, start hounding Birdie for more updates. But we hound out of love Ben, really we do!)

Marvelous Patric is having a sale – starting today (October 10) for a limited time, subscriptions to his webcomic Freaks N Squeeks are only $15 a year (normally $20). Month to month subscriptions are $2.00 per month, making the yearly subscription an even better value during this limited time offer.

No one has dropped out of The Daily Grind contest this month. Given that I’m expecting this contest to end when some of them are in nursing homes, I’m not shocked but someone has dropped out each month so far (four did in September). Continue Reading