Another Slam-Bang Action Webcomic: Marilith!

I hope the ads at Comixpedia, particularly the ones for webcomics, often lead you, the readers, to discover new webcomics that you enjoy. That even happens for me (and I already read A LOT of webcomics) and Marilith by Krazy Krow is one I had never checked out before, but really enjoyed reading this week.

It’s the story of Marilith Millions, an assassin, and her sidekick (who in a Stockholm syndrone twist was originally kidnapped by Marilith) and their efforts to escape the law and a crazed adversary named Valentino. They’re a bit like the evil anti-Dynamic Duo. It’s actually even more complicated then that, but Krow keeps the plot clear enough and does a fantastic job balancing plot with well-choreographed action. My only complaint is that Marilith and Valentino look a little too similar, but maybe there’ll be a reason for that down the road. Actually my other complaint is after reading the archives, I now have to wait for new updates just like every other reader of Marilith.


Xaviar Xerexes

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