Washington Webcartoonist Monthly Meetup

The DC Webtoonists have schemed up another gathering of mass proportions. OK, maybe not mass proportion, but still a proportion of grand excitement. With a new meet up spot, this time in Maryland!

This time, we’re trying out the alternating between Maryland and Virginia thing, and also at a Metro-Friendly location. So the meetup will be in Takoma Park Maryland at The (Old Town) Savory Cafe. Location and Phone Number, Google Map, and Metro Directions.

The Savory Cafe just a couple blocks from the Takoma Park Metro station (Not the express cafe by the station, but a few blocks up the road). Basically go up Carroll Ave past the Electric Maid, the CVS and the Church. Then follow Carroll Ave left past Taliano’s, The Music Store and Subway. Follow along shortly and you’ll see The Savory Cafe on the right. E-Mail Chris Impink for an eVite or other questions.


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