Anthology 2.0 and the News

I read my "regular" webcomic list through but when I feel like trying something new I often look to sites that seem to be a cross between old-fashioned artist collectives and print anthologies.  Zuda, regardless of its contest hook, is a great place to check out lots of new stuff, ACT-I-VATE is also regularly pulling in new comics (as well as updating many existing ones) and Top Shelf 2.0 has some nice stuff as well.  There was a good review of the many great webcomics that have appeared at Smith Magazine’s website, including A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld and the more recent Next Door Neighbor project.  There is also always new stuff at Dark Horse’s MySpace Webcomic anthology, including a two-page Sinfest special this month.

Anyone want to throw out their current favorite spots?

Cory Doctorow reviews the print collection of Dinosaur Comics.
Delos reviews The Horrible Pirates.
El Santo reviews Glam.

A podcast interview with Kate Beaton and other artists at the recent TCAF in Toronto.

Sean Kleefeld has a post on the potential fragility of Diamond’s future, given it’s heavy reliance on the business of Marvel and DC.




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