Antipagination Extension for Firefox

Greg Stephens points out an interesting trick for reading webcomics accomplished with the “antipagination” extension for the Firefox browser.

If you’re running Firefox, you can load up this antipagination extension and see what I’m talking about. What it does is add an right-mouse-button option to make those “next” and “previous” links on websites- like those on webcomic sites- less click-intensive. Rather than clicking “next”, “next”, “next” and so on, you right-click, choose antipagination for, say, 16 iterations and the next 16 pages are loaded into your browser window all at once, on the same page, stacked vertically. Now, instead of clicking “next” 16 times, you just scroll down to see each page in turn. Pretty neat, huh?

Xaviar Xerexes

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