Anyone Seen Movie Dark Star?

Just watched it – early sci-fi, right after 2001.  It was John Carpenter’s first movie (you can tell its Carpenter b/c of the monotonous one note music throughout that he likes to write) based on his student film.  It’s really dry, sort of a parody, very dark.  About a crew out in space for a verrry long time and they’re all bored, lazy and slightly crazy.  The ship is falling apart.

It’s never really ha-ha funny but it had its moments.  There’s really no plot either.

The special effects were mostly okay considering when it was made (laughable against today’s stds) except for the alien which is a beachball with claws.  Which I suppose is no worse then the giant beachball thingees in the tv show The Prisoner. 

A few people have raved about it to me previously – it’s not that good but I guess it was worth the rental. 


Xaviar Xerexes

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