AP. Furtado’s new webcomic at 01Comics.

A.P. Furtado’s new webcomic Elf ‘n Troll is a thrill-packed, humorous, fantasy adventure for readers of all ages. It is the story of great adventures, grand misadventures, and through it all the endurance of a unique friendship. Elf ‘n Troll is updated every Monday and can be seen for free at the newly revamped 01Comics site.

01Comics offers a diverse sampling of full color webcomics … FREE of charge. Visitors may also register as “users” and receive free access to their entire archives of work in progress.

01Comics also offers both full color and black & white comics in the traditional printed form as well as in collected edition trade paperback editions. They will also offer those same comics in new and exciting formats –downloadable, webcomics, etc.– that maximize the potential of the digital comics. And at prices that are notably less than the comparable print comics.

Some of the great creators currently featured at 01Comics are Mitch Byrd (Green Lantern, HBO’s Spawn, Starship Troopers, Generation X), Christopher Mills (Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals, Femme Noir), Jonathan Luna (Ultra, Girls, Spiderwoman), Steven Butler (Spectacular Spiderman, Avengers, X-Men, Disney Adventures), AP. Furtado, Randy Reynaldo, Rick Burchett, Jenni Gregory, the list goes on with more outstanding comics and creators still to come.

Stop by the NEW 01Comics and check it out. It’s FREE!




  1. It’s got some great comics, but what’s up with making people register (which is free) for the archives? It just seems a great way to turn people off the website.

  2. Glad you like the comics. The reason for registering at the 01Comics site is listed right on the registration page.

    “As a registered user you will:
    * Have FREE, unlimited access to our comics archives
    * Receive our newsletter — the 01 Hotwire
    * Be the first to find out about new comics and exciting new features at 01comics.com “

    I don’t see it as turning people off to the website. It’s a very simple proceedure, compared to most. I mean, you had to register to make that post,if i’m not mistaken. 🙂
    Thanks for checking out the site. There’s much more exciting stuff coming to 01Comics very soon; like more great creators and features.

  3. I’m just use to having to sign up for things other then seeing an archive (like having to pay for the archive, or a forum, etc. Not that I’m saying I want to have to pay for the archive ;)). I just noticed that it isn’t possible to stop getting e-mails from 01, so I suppose that’s the main reason to get people to sign up 🙂

    And I am looking forward to many of the comics that are coming soon. Two of the comics have already made it to my “currently reading” list, with many others on my “get around to reading sometime soon” list.

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