Dreamland Chronicles Awakens At 01Comics.com

In what is already proving to be an event filled year for the digital publisher; 01Comics.com is happy to announce the addition of Scott Christian Sava and his amazing comic The Dreamland Chronicles to the 01Comics family.

“The first thing you notice about The Dreamland Chronicles is the amazing eye candy. It’s just really, really beautiful — the best use of 3-D rendering ever done for comics … period,� said 01Comics.com President and Managing Editor Barry Gregory. �But more important than that, it’s an epic story masterfully told. We’re thrilled to have The Dreamland Chronicles in the 01comics.com lineup.” Continue Reading


A.P. Furtado’s Tween Returns.

A.P. Furtado’s fantasy comic Tween returns to Modern Tales today in a brand new format, and with a brand new story called, “A Spire’s Tale.”

All a young spire named Hershall sought to do, was tend to his garden. But when fate drops a celestial gift into his daily routine; Hershall finds himself, reluctantly, in the middle of a grand adventure. Talk about bothersome interruptions.

Look for Tween: A Spire’s Tale, every Monday and Thursday on Modern Tales. Continue Reading


The Judging Man Summer-O-Fun Tour ends.

A.P. Furtado’s Modern Tales comic, Judging Man, ends its summer of fun tour this Friday, August, 29th. Brought on as a 14 episode summer, fill in comic, Judging Man is a sarcastic and hopefully thought-provoking look at life on the big blue ball we call home.

Tip a glass, shed a tear, and see us off as we cruise on into the webcomics sunset. But…if you can’t stand a Friday without a little something by A.P. Furtado, you can head on over to www.tweencomix.com for a Friday dosage of TWEEN. This Friday a new chapter begins in the ongoing “Bad Mojo Saga.” Continue Reading


AP Furtado’s TWEEN returns to the web

TWEEN is back and showing off its new digs at http://www.tweencomix.com. Starting this Friday May 16th and every Friday after that TWEEN will be spreading joy and much love throughout the webcomics landscape once again! The “BAD MOJO” saga will pick up right where it left off seven months ago. Sheesh! Seven months ago!?

All the old strips are resting comfortably in the archives so stop by early and get your selves caught up! Don’t forget…a new episode starts this Friday! Continue Reading