01COMICS.COM Debuts New Series

01Comics.Com is pleased to announce the addition of several new webcomics to the 01Comics.com lineup. 01Comics.com is growing by leaps and bounds, and every effort is being made to offer a diverse and professionally done product to the comic reading community. Point your mouse in our direction and surf on over to 01Comics.com and check out these great new titles.

Zero Hunters
In the police lingo of Los Angeles 2033, a "Zero" is a non-human entity. Nearly a year after the brutal murder of his family by a vampire, William Garrick — leader of an elite police unit known as the "Zero Hunters", finally gets a lead on the killer of his family, but in trying to take down the suspect he discovers a dark and troubling secret … about himself. Written by Jay Carvajal with artwork by Marc Borstel, Federico Lopizzo, Karina Lopizzo, and Carlos Razetto. Perfect for fans of Underworld or Steve Niles’s Cal MacDonald series.

Tybrus The Mighty
Veteran Marvel penciler Steven Butler (Spider-man, X-men, Avengers) channels the
spirit of Jack Kirby in creating an epic new mythology filled with warrior kings, fiercely beautiful women, wizards, soothsayers, god-like beings from space, and monsters — lots and lots of monsters. This is old school comic book storytelling at its finest. Any fan of Kirby’s classics such as New Gods, Kamandi, or the Eternals will flip for this series.

Pillar of Ice
Sadly, there are some people out there who have never seen — never experienced
— a Mitch Byrd comic. The Pillar of Ice is the perfect opportunity to rectify
that terrible oversight. Mitch Byrd is an artist’s artist. Don’t believe us? Then you’ve never been at a comic convention with him and seen all the "big name", "high profile monthly assignment" pencilers stop by his table to pay homage and drool over his sketch book. The Pillar of Ice is everything Mitch does best … rampaging dinosaurs, unforgettable — almost unimaginable — landscapes, staggeringly beautiful females in endless good-girl, cheesecake poses, and fast-paced, tongue-plantly-firmly-in-cheek action adventure. Join a crew of merry misfits as they explore a beautiful, but deadly undiscovered land in search of the greatest treasure the world has ever known — The Pillar of Ice.

Maggie and Molly Weir have sort of a "cosmic" thing going on. They are twins born on the Witching Hour of Halloween on the night of a full moon while the planets were aligned and a comet passed between the Earth and the Moon on its once every 10,000 years journey though our solar system. The bizarre circumstances of their births were foretold in a druidic prophecy thousands of years ago . Now as teenagers, they have discovered they share strange and unusual abilities and that they are the focus of two warring secret societies sides locked in a centuries old battle. All Maggie and Molly want is a normal year of high school. Written and illustrated (in an animated style) by DreamWalker creator Jenni Gregory.

If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite; 01Comics.com would also like to invite you to check out some of our other recently launched titles.

Big Bad: written and illustrated by Michael A. Duron with color art by James Offredi.

Kid Sledge: written and illustrated by Wayne C. Spencer.

Leah: written by Phillip Porth with artwork by Jonathan Luna (Image Comics’ Girls and Ultra) and colors by Giuseppe Pica.

Teelowee’s Quest: an all age’s fantasy by French writer/artist Laurent Rettig.

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