Brad Guigar launches Evil Inc.

After working on Greystone Inn for almost six years, Brad Guigar is launching a new daily comic, Evil Inc. Evil Inc. is a spin-off of Greystone Inn, following fan-favorite Lightning Lady in her new job at a corporation run by super-villains for super-villains (because you can get away with more evil if you do it legally).

Leading the new cast is CEO (Chief Evil Officer) Evil Atom, a Silver-Age-villain-turned-businessman; Dr. Haynus, a brain-in-a-jar symbiotically joined to a puppy dog; Dr. Muskiday, the victim of a horrible lab accident; and the beautiful and mysterious Miss Match.

Guigar also produces a weekly comic about sex and relationships called Courting Disaster. He was the organizer of the Blank Label Comics Webcomics Telethon for Hurricane Relief.




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