Rib Is Reborn At O1Comics.Com

Andrew Ford�s acclaimed indy-comic Rib returns and is at 01Comics.com.

“Like Art Spiegelman�s classic holocaust Maus, RIB tackles serious social issues with allegorical references to discrimination. Ford presents a powerhouse of a story that grabs you into this so-called fantasy world that is so obviously grounded in reality-based themes.”
-WIZARD Magazine

01Comics.com is happy to announce that Andrew Ford�s hit 90�s independent comic RIB is now a member of the 01Comics.com family. This is a great way to kick off what is looking to be a banner year for the Digital Publisher, 01Comics.com

�I have known Barry Gregory, president of 01comics.com, for many years and I trust him. I want to work with a person who I trust. I also believe that he truly believes in what I am doing with RIB, this is very important to me,� Said Andrew Ford.

�I created RIB around 1992 and did the mini-comic by myself. When RIB went full-size Michael Kelleher came aboard to illustrate,� said Andrew Ford. �I am very lucky to be working with such a talented individual. We were invited to do a RIB short story for the Negative Burn anthology (which was published at that time by Caliber Comics). After that Caliber offered to publish the regular RIB series. We agreed and 5 (actually 6) issues were published, which was the first 120 page storyline,�

Imagine a world where sadness and beauty walk hand in hand, through a whirlwind of loneliness and hope. Prejudice and discrimination take center stage, as the good and noble souls struggle daily for each ounce of truth and happiness. There are the prosperous and the poverty stricken, each suffering in their own way. Frustration becomes palpable, as truth is buried under fear and envy. This place is populated by humans and human-sized worms each struggling to obtain the freedom of their choosing, for the freedom some seek is a prison to others. This is the fantasy world of RIB.