Are you from Michigan?

There is a new “group” forming in Michigan for web comic creators. It is called MI Web Comics. We are a group of artists who create comics for presentation on the internet. MI Web Comics gathers once a month to drink coffee, talk and the usual comic art stuff. We also have an online forum at Talk About Comics.

The next meeting is March 6th, 2004.




  1. It sounds interesting, given I’m in Michigan and I draw a webcomic, except that their meeting place, if I’m not mistaken, is quite a bit of distance from where I am…

  2. Where are you from? We at Michigan Web Comiccs have tried to make our meetings at a centeralized location for everybody (at least the people I have talked to). Brighton is ideally loccated between Lansing and Detroit, but we also have members driving from Grand Rapids and even Toledo, OH. Fort more info, e-mail me at

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