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Artbomb is a great looking website with news, reviews and now and than a webcomic. Because the comics all appear in pop-ups with no true URL just go here and look at the left-side of the page for the webcomics. Here's what's playing today:

HARVEST GYPSY by Laurenn McCubbin

The troubles of the present collide with the echoes of the past during one woman's provocative journey on the open road.


D'Israeli takes a walk down the forked path of familial myth and memory in this web comic unlike anything you've read before…

SUNBLOCK by Andi Watson

A summer story drenched in the harsh UV rays of young romance, SUNBLOCK follows a girl drifting towards a surfer boy on the beach.

SUPERIDOL by Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran

Rei Rei. Post-Final Fantasy, post-William Gibson, set up to invade post-post-ironic western society. A computer-generated idol singer.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Because the comics all appear in pop-ups with no true URL

    . . . Um. This is misrepresentative. Further, this is wrong.

    ITYM “because the designer thought it would be a good idea to obfuscate the URL;” it would be impossible for a web-accessible HTML page not to have a “true URL.” (If we’re going to get really anal about it, it’s well nigh impossible for any file on a mounted disc not to have a “true URL.”)

    Anyhow. The beauty of designer attempts to control the user experience? The user can circumvent them.

    In Safari or IE5/Mac, View -> Address Bar will make the address bar appear in the popup window.

    In Mozilla Firebird, once you have the page open (and you will probably have to tell it to unblock the popup — this is part of why just telling the user to go look for the links is a bad plan), you can right-click (cmd-click or click-hold for Mac users who haven’t replaced their mice; appropriate-button-click for people running Xwindows) any non-image area of the page and “View Page Info.” I believe that, in IE/Win (IE6/Win, anyhow), it’s “Page Properties” or “View Properties” or something along those lines — it should be self-evident. The URL will probably run off the edge of the properties/info window, but you’ll be able to capture it anyhow. Click-drag as one normally would to copy to clipboard, and your cursor will keep going to end of URL.

    Stopgap in Camino, and likely other browsers: pop up the popup, View -> View [Page] Source, copy down the URL in the window title.

    Other stopgap: read page source and popup script.

    Anyhow, the URLs turn out to be pretty darn intuitive.
    Gypsy Girl”>
    Biting The Hand…

  2. Not going to quibble seriously with someone who is way more passionate about html than I but if I can’t see the URL from copying from the link itself – it’s not a very user friendly URL is it?

    On the other hand – thanks for identifying the real links!

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