Dog Complex signs with AMUSE to be shopped for film and television deals.

Dog Complex has signed a deal with Andrews McMeel Universal’s (AMU) AMUSE division. Excessively long titles aside, what does this mean? Well it means that AMUSE now holds sole rights to shop Dog Complex to film and television studios for a possible series or feature film. AMUSE has already had big success in the form of “Pooch Café,” their popular comic strip that is going to be turned into an animated comedy series, as well as a feature animated film that is in the works for one of their other comic strips. Continue Reading

Dog Complex Launches Brand New Referral Program

Dog Complex kicked of a brand new service on Tuesday, June 1st, that rewards readers for telling others about the strip. The idea is simple: A reader registers at the site, is issued a unique URL, passes it on to their friends and family, and gets a point each time someone visits Dog Complex. The top 3 point leaders at the end of the month get prizes, like DVDs, books, strip prints, and more. Not only that, but there are also random prize drawings as well, so that users of the system do not have to feel like they’re out of the running just because they don’t have a lot of friends. Continue Reading

Dog Complex marks its return to comics with an Invader Zim DVD giveaway!

After a short two week break, Dog Complex returns to the webcomic world on Monday, May 10th. The break was used to revamp the art style, change the setting of the strip, and develop five brand new characters that will be introduced over the next few weeks.

To celebrate the return of the strip, creator Dave Johnson is holding a contest with the prize being a copy of the Invader Zim: Vol. 1 DVD. The contest will run through May (winner announced on June 1st), so be sure to stop by! Continue Reading


Dog Complex Turns 200!

Dog Complex turned 200 strips old this Monday. Dog Complex is a humorous strip about Dale Fleming and his two dogs.

Dave Johnson, the strip’s author was quoted as saying, “Wow… it seems like just yesterday we were only 199. I feel like Willard Scott should be interviewing me on the street as I suck down on an oxygen mask.” Continue Reading


A Complex Change for “Dead Air”

The web and print comic “Dead Air” has officially changed its name to “Dog Complex.” Author Dave Johnson was quoted as saying, “While the name has changed, I think readers will be pleasantly surprised that I’ve managed to keep the same level of bad writing and subpar art in the comic that my readers have come to expect.”

Swing over and check out the new pad for Dog Complex at Continue Reading