Dog Complex signs with AMUSE to be shopped for film and television deals.

Dog Complex has signed a deal with Andrews McMeel Universal’s (AMU) AMUSE division. Excessively long titles aside, what does this mean? Well it means that AMUSE now holds sole rights to shop Dog Complex to film and television studios for a possible series or feature film. AMUSE has already had big success in the form of “Pooch Café,” their popular comic strip that is going to be turned into an animated comedy series, as well as a feature animated film that is in the works for one of their other comic strips.

Over the next two weeks, the strip’s author, Dave Johnson, will be putting together a submission packet to be used by the folks at AMUSE that they will in turn send out to film and television studios around the country. From there it is just a matter of whether or not a studio sees the promise in the concept that the folks at AMUSE do.

The whole thing is still a long shot, and also a very lengthy process. Something could happen within a month, or it may take up to two years. That being said, Dave couldn’t be more excited, and said he looks forward to working with John Glynn and the rest of the fine folks over at AMUSE in the weeks and months to come.

While Dave will be very busy over the next few weeks getting the packet thrown together, he wanted to make it clear that he does not see that affecting the update schedule of Dog Complex at all.


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  1. So Dog Complex came back from the grave and nobody told me?!

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