New Humor Magazine to Publish and Promote Webcomics

BoneFlake Studios, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new Canadian humour tabloid and very webcomic-friendly, VILLAGE IDIOT MAGAZINE (VIM).

Alongside VIM’s doses of biting satire, edgy parodies and off-the-wall humor pieces, Canadians will have the opportunity to read some of their favorite online comics in an offline format.

The current line-up of “Webcomics in Print” are: “Butternut Squash” by Ramon Perez; “The Good Little Robot” by Ryan Reid; “Bob the Angry Flower” by Stephen Notley; “White Ninja” by Scott Bevan & Kent Earle and Bill Charbonneau’s two webcomic offerings, “Voices in my Hand” and “Small Market Sports”. Continue Reading