New Humor Magazine to Publish and Promote Webcomics

BoneFlake Studios, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new Canadian humour tabloid and very webcomic-friendly, VILLAGE IDIOT MAGAZINE (VIM).

Alongside VIM’s doses of biting satire, edgy parodies and off-the-wall humor pieces, Canadians will have the opportunity to read some of their favorite online comics in an offline format.

The current line-up of “Webcomics in Print” are: “Butternut Squash” by Ramon Perez; “The Good Little Robot” by Ryan Reid; “Bob the Angry Flower” by Stephen Notley; “White Ninja” by Scott Bevan & Kent Earle and Bill Charbonneau’s two webcomic offerings, “Voices in my Hand” and “Small Market Sports”.

In addition to publishing webcomics, Village Idiot Magazine is committed to promoting the webcomic industry with monthly Q&A style interviews of comic creators both print and web, and a spotlight of it’s monthly top webcomic picks. In addition, Village Idiot Magazine strives to make it financially feasible for webcomic creators and independent comic book publishers to market their creations with generous discounts on advertising space.

Village Idiot Magazine launches October 2004, free of charge in select comic book shops, comedy clubs and other cool locations across Canada.