Schism by Leigh Bader, reviewed by Chris Daily

Leigh Bader’s Schism tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world, full of mysterious figures and shady dealings. Technology reached a high point, then crashed in an event known as the Schism, and now it’s in the rebuilding stage. Electronic communication is highly monitored to prevent another disaster.

But don’t worry — there’re a lot of hot guys running around, which makes everything okay.

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Ku-2 by Logan DeAngelis, reviewed by Chris Daily

Ku-2 is a weekly comic strip that looks very professional and unique at a first glance. The site design is sharp, the Blambot-based fonts are crisp and cool, and the navigation bar does that spiffy highlighting thing. Then, when you start reading the comic, you wonder where all the professionalism went? It’s obvious that Logan DeAngelis puts a lot of work into Ku-2, but the effort might be better spent fixing plot holes and basic artistic inconsistencies.

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Imitation of Life by Neil, reviewed by Chris Daily

Imitation of Life is a journal comic that acts as a blog, or, a web log for those of you not up on the lingo. It chronicles the day-to-day events in the life of its writer and artist Neil (who never gives his last name on the site), as he struggles to cope with the hardships of law school in Pittsburgh, PA. Sometimes metaphorical, sometimes gruesome and introspective, Imitation gives the reader a look into one man’s life that is, in all accounts, real.

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Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell, Reviewed by Chris Daily

A cat and a girl. It’s really that simple.

But for something that simple, there sure is a lot more to it than that. Dorothy Gambrell’s Cat and Girl is a webcomic that knocks you on the floor with witty repartee and smart humor, random name-dropping and off-beat themes — a voracious webcomic wolf sneaking around the flock under the sly sheep’s skin guise of a simple children’s strip about two friends and the things they do. Full of random name dropping and off-beat themes, Cat and Girl is a strip that takes many chances and makes no apologies.

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Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis

The overdone vampire genre has been explored so many times it's almost getting to the point where 'Blood Latte' might show up on the Starbucks menu to promote the new Anne Rice book. In order to stand out among bland competition, a vampire work must be created with its own… biting originality? (no more bad puns, promise.) Bite Me, by Dylan Meconis, is an online comic book that dares to break new ground by adding modern wit, toothy sarcasm (sorry), and a little gore to a genre that often takes itself way to seriously.

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