“Dandy & Co.” WebComic in Newspapers

For the past three years, internet surfers have enjoyed the daily adventures of a Dog and his boy with Dandy & Company but now readers can get a dose of Dandy in a more traditional format: A Newspaper! Minnesotans have been getting laughs thanks to Fish’s adventurous humor strip for weeks now in a local, weekly paper called The Hometown News.

Derrick Fish began self-syndicating his comic with the Hometown News this past summer, but hopes to put Dandy & Company into more papers as the strip’s popularity grows. Continue Reading

Bringing Web Comics “Out of the Doghouse”.

Derrick Fish has been writing and drawing the adventures of his talking dog “Dandy” every day for two years now. Dandy and Company, Fish’s pet project from his grade school days, finds it’s heart in the basic story of a boy and his dog, but turns it on its ear with dashes of high action, animated illustrations and even romance to make a comic strip that's more than just another “Gag-A-Day” snore. Continue Reading