“Dandy & Co.” WebComic in Newspapers

For the past three years, internet surfers have enjoyed the daily adventures of a Dog and his boy with Dandy & Company but now readers can get a dose of Dandy in a more traditional format: A Newspaper! Minnesotans have been getting laughs thanks to Fish’s adventurous humor strip for weeks now in a local, weekly paper called The Hometown News.

Derrick Fish began self-syndicating his comic with the Hometown News this past summer, but hopes to put Dandy & Company into more papers as the strip’s popularity grows.

Dandy & Company has been running 7 days a week online since October 11th, 2001 and has been collected in THREE, 128 page print collections available for sale online and in a brand new, Bi-Monthly comic BOOK series from Creator Derrick Fish’s publishing arm, BIG POND COMICS!

Derrick Fish lives in Orlando, Florida where he produces Dandy & Company.