Firefox Search Engine Plug-in for Webcomics Wiki

For all Mozilla Firefox users: I’ve created a search engine plug-in that allows you to quickly search the quickly growing Webcomics Wiki.

Just go to this page on the Mycroft/Mozdev site and click on the “Webcomics Wiki” plug-in. The plug-in utility will be added to your general search engines listing in the top right-hand corner of Firefox.

For now the icon is the Comixpedia icon, and the name is “Webcomics Wiki”. When either or both change, I can easily update the plug-in. Continue Reading


Neil Gaiman Auction Supporting CBLDF

Neil Gaiman has recently come down with a case of writer’s block and can’t seem to come up with a good name for a cruise ship in his upcoming novel, Anansi Boys. His solution? Auction the naming of the ship off to the highest bidder on eBay, and donate the proceeds to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! It’s great to see Gaiman take his already outstanding relationship with the comic world even further in an effort to support the industry. Continue Reading