Zoinks! Redesign

Bi-monthly webcomic ‘zine Zoinks! Magazine has received a complete site redesign lately, just in time to promote issue five: the summer blockbuster issue, featuring Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper and Chris Cantrell of Please Rewind!

Along with the redesign of the site comes an added feature: the Zoinks! blog! The blog will be authored by Evil Network personalities and long-time webcomic commentators Nathaniel Payne (yours truly) and John Noran, both current contributors to Zoinks! Magazine. As a result, the Evil Network will be stuffed in mothballs, but Nathaniel and John will be continuing their blogging at the new Zoinks! site immediately.

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Fleen Screening Potential Writers

Webcomic commentary site Fleen put a call out earlier this month looking for new writers. They received about 20 submissions, and throughout the day today they will be posting the first round picks periodically, and soliciting reader feedback on the participants. Those who proceed unscathed will participate in two more grueling rounds of submissions, culminating in a steel cage deathmatch with poisoned darts and flaming swords.

[Xerexes: Just a note that I’m looking for new writers for Comixpedia magazine as well.  No darts or swords involved though…]

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Zoinks! Magazine $6 for 6 Issues for all of 2006

Bill Charbonneau is one crazy Canadian. He’s decided that the special holiday pricing for Zoinks! Webcomic Magazine subscriptions of $6 for 6 issues was soooo good, he’s extending the offer for all of 2006! You have absolutely no excuse not to subscribe now.

Zoinks! Webcomic Magazine is a bi-monthly ‘zine that is working to build webcomics awareness in a more mainstream audience. Zoinks! features interviews with the movers and shakers of the webcomics industry, reviews of webcomic works, and lots and lots of pages of webcomics by the cartoonists you know and love. Sign up in time for the February 2006 issue, which features interviews with Gisele Lagac� and T Campbell of Penny and Aggie, Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Barry Gregory of 01Comics — ships January 30! Continue Reading