Zoinks! Magazine $6 for 6 Issues for all of 2006

Bill Charbonneau is one crazy Canadian. He’s decided that the special holiday pricing for Zoinks! Webcomic Magazine subscriptions of $6 for 6 issues was soooo good, he’s extending the offer for all of 2006! You have absolutely no excuse not to subscribe now.

Zoinks! Webcomic Magazine is a bi-monthly ‘zine that is working to build webcomics awareness in a more mainstream audience. Zoinks! features interviews with the movers and shakers of the webcomics industry, reviews of webcomic works, and lots and lots of pages of webcomics by the cartoonists you know and love. Sign up in time for the February 2006 issue, which features interviews with Gisele Lagac� and T Campbell of Penny and Aggie, Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Barry Gregory of 01Comics — ships January 30!

For more information, visit zoinksmagazine.com.



  1. If you’re into webcomics at any level, you should be reading ZOINKS. this is an awesome read, folks. The February 2006 issue also features an interview with 01Comics.com President Barry Gregory.

  2. I completely forgot to mention Barry Gregory! I’ve updated the news post to reflect my blunder.

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