New Webcomic about the life of a Seattle Slacker

A new autobiographical webcomic has hit the scene called Misfit’s Journey. It chronicles the life and times of Ben Adams when he was your average Seattle generation-x slacker.

Before he wrote the PRISONOPOLIS miniseries that was praised by COMIC BUYERS GUIDE columnist Tony Isabella … before he wrote for Joe Zabel’s MURDER BY CROWQUILL anthology … but after he wrote and drew ’80s small press comics … Ben Adams was a Seattle slacker.

During this period he learned much about academia, progressive politics, romance, dysfunctional families, the workplace, and many other things. He’s now exploring it head-on in an autobiographical webcomic that he writes and illustrates called MISFIT’S JOURNEY. Adams is hopeful that the series will appeal to fans of other autobiographical comics creators such as Harvey Pekar and Robert Crumb.

The art for MISFIT’S JOURNEY will be of interest to many people because it was done using a combination of digital photography and �midrange� 3d art applications such as Poser, Bryce, Carrara, and Shade. Adams considers the writing something of a departure from his earlier comics work and is excited about his new creative direction.

The first episode, “Mistaken Identity”, is 28 pages long and now appears in its entirety at In order to help make a name for himself, Adams has made the first episode completely free. Future episodes will very likely be serialized at this site later this year.

After reading the story, feel welcome to leave your comments at Ben’s new blog at Ben can also be reached at ben (at) benadamsarts (dot) com.