Zoinks! Redesign

Bi-monthly webcomic ‘zine Zoinks! Magazine has received a complete site redesign lately, just in time to promote issue five: the summer blockbuster issue, featuring Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper and Chris Cantrell of Please Rewind!

Along with the redesign of the site comes an added feature: the Zoinks! blog! The blog will be authored by Evil Network personalities and long-time webcomic commentators Nathaniel Payne (yours truly) and John Noran, both current contributors to Zoinks! Magazine. As a result, the Evil Network will be stuffed in mothballs, but Nathaniel and John will be continuing their blogging at the new Zoinks! site immediately.

But wait! There’s more! Zoinks! Magazine is also expanding! The magazine will be adding new content to go beyond webcomics and encompass arts and entertainment: movies, books, video games–you name it! The primary focus is still on promoting the webcomics industry first, but by expanding the content, the magazine will also be able to expand its audience (and, in a parallel way, potential advertisers). This way, Zoinks! will get to introduce the webcomics world to a fresh batch of eyes that still think the internet is just for porn.



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