Reporting Live…. From Your Mom!

Don’t forget to check out Comixpedia’s interviews with Tom Brazelton (Theater Hopper) and Gordon McAlpin (Multiplex).

Elsewhere around the internets Gilead reviews a webcomic called Killer Robots from Space.

Combustible Orange joins the new collective Bomb Shelter Comics. This is shaping up to be a great group of webcomics.

Webcomics In Print blog talks about the latest book from the webcomic Bob The Squirrel

Gary Tyrrell writes more about IndieKarma, the so-called "noclick" alternative to micropayments. 

And in notwebcomics dept: the Drawn blog catches that Bibi has compiled a collection of links to vintage animated shorts in the public domain.  They include 27 Betty Boop cartoons, 11 Felix the Cat cartoons, and 3 Krazy Kat cartoons.

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