Jason Siebel’s Getting Married!

Jason Siebel, creator of Anywhere But Here, met a girl at the hospital and asked her to marry him seven days later. After briefly mentioning it on his front page, Jason posted the entire story in his forums. The story itself is amazing to read (it includes pictures of the happy couple), and it’s told in Jason’s usual, casual style that you can instantly recognize from his comics. Here’s a quick sample:

"Marry Me." And there was silence. A very long akward silence. And then I said, calmly, and with a tinge of regret. "Too soon huh?" She just looked at me, speachless. "OK," I said calmly, and took her by the hand and led her to the couch. We sat on her couch, and I fell backwards. "I cant say yes untill you meet my parents." She said with a smile. "But, Yeah, I will." That’s how I proposed to her.

Amazing. Congratulations to Jason and Jessica (the future Mrs. Siebels)!



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