Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

Oh wait that’s Sunday, isn’t it?  Well I’m bloody tired anyhow (was up much too late)…

Flight 3 is in Diamond’s Previews.  The third edition of this anthology series promises to be just as amazing. 

In notwebcomics news, Jeph has hit upon what is sure to be a hugely successful t-shirt featuring the inscription "Bomb the Blogosphere" (here’s a link to it appearing in his webcomic Questionable Content).

And this site looks interesting: Start A Story

Start a Story is a project that encourages creativity and collaboration. To find out more click here. To the right are quick links to the various ‘Start A Story’ projects, to see them all, a description about each of them and the chance to be involved; click here.


Editor and Publisher reports that F Minus will be offered for syndication to newspapers by United Media.  You may recall that F Minus was the winner of a contest on MTVu back in December 2004.

And Lirazel points out a new Christopher Baldwin project (reportedly NSFW): I Am Hans Krunkel.

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