Late Night News Update

Another milestone: Kris Straub’s guest comic is the 500 installment of Zach Miller’s Joe and Monkey webcomic.  Straub also mentions that Miller’s book Totally Boned is up for one of Lulu’s Blooker prizes. (Erik wrote about the Blookers last October.)

Not a webcomic but kind of internet-y funny: Subservient Donald.  I’d like to see Subservient Skull or Subservient Clango or something.

The Great Outdoor Fight – wow, that’s really hard to describe.  But I always have a hard time describing Achewood.  It’s just… AchewoodTim Tylor blogged earlier about the wiki a fan set up for this storyline.

Fleen also has more questions with Dave Kellett (Sheldon) on syndication and newspaper comics.

And Fleen also catches that Sylvan Migdal wrapped up Ascent today.

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