Good Little Robot Website Down

Anyone going to visit The Good Little Robot will see a place holder page with a message from TGLR creator, Ryan Reid. Evidently his web host has conked out and he expresses concerns that TGLR archives could be completely vaporized. Read Ryan’s message on the flip.

Hi folks, it’s me again. Seems my web host has had a little server malfunction, and I have no web site at the moment. So, since I didn’t back anything up, and I’m not sure if they have anything backed up, TGLR could be gone forever. This isn’t a huge deal, since I was going to start a new site this year, but this is rushing things ahead a little bit.

This is just a temporary page so that those of you following links here don’t get to stare at a lousy directory tree. Also, TGLR mail doesn’t work, so if anybody has emailed me to say “Uh, buddy, your site is hosed,” then 1) I didn’t get it, and 2) no kidding.

Where can I read The Good Little Robot?

The Good Little Robot finished publishing online in late 2005. However, he continues his adventures here on earth in the bi-monthly publication Zoinks! Magazine with all new original strips. Get your subscription now! Archived TGLR will be available online again once this web host trouble is sorted out, and the new site is put up.

Happy New Year, and I’ll see you all soon with the new site.

Ryan Reid



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  1. Ouch! Backups are your friend!

    I really hope a miracle happens and he gets his archives back.

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