Justin Offers More Webcomic PREviews

Newbie comics are both cursed and blessed by their, well… newness. Spinoffs like Scary Go Round and Lizard taken aside, most webcomics are the author’s first steps onto a new shore. Some creators will spend years, even decades developing their creative abilities before jumping onto the Web. Others may be borne of the online community, having yet to earn their artistic "sea legs". Whatever the basis of a webcomicker (and, by extension, their webcomic), we’re all evolving, and it’s usually most evident in the beginning.
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Yuoma’s Twelve Dragons, reviewed by Justin

The thousand year war, foreseen and foretold by the fates, has begun. Humans, Dwarves, Elves and most of the other Pangean ruling races are in a great fight against one another. Winner takes all and the ultimate losers get to be erased from existence. Sadly, as in all other wars, the only real victims are the innocents, too weak and weak to fight back.

This is how Yuoma sets up the premise of Twelve Dragons. It obviously borrows from Tolkien, as do many fantasy stories that followed his novels. Continue Reading

Kid Radd by Dan Miller

It was the dawn of the Litigious Age when the sprite comics began to fall. It began with Capcom, and their massive swipe at any and all unauthorized Mega Man and Chun Li sprites. Other companies would follow: Square and Sega, Namco and Tecmo. Finally, Nintendo did it as well, though they would claim they were first, and did it the best.

One by one, the sprite comics vanished from the web, leaving behind only shattered shards of their former glory. But there was still hope — for among the brightest and sharpest of these shards was Kid Radd.
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Killroy and Tina’s 2nd Anniversary Charity Auction!

In November of 2001, Killroy and Tina made its online debut with little fanfare, acclaim, or talent. In a time when the word “hiatus”
was a webcomic’s silent death, Killroy and Tina (KnT for short) kept plugging away for whatever reason. Two life-sucking years and
almost 200 full-color pages later, KnT has spun off Keenspace not only to its own domain, but also to the Modern Tales sister site Graphic Smash, various Modern Tales syndications, and possibly a few unauthorized Comic Reaper thefts. It is viewed in numerous countries throughout the globe, and has been published in, at very least, one language. Continue Reading

Tril0kan by Suburi

These days you'll rarely find a webcomic that fits into just one genre. The concept, art style and tone can all affect the perceived intent of a comic, and most refuse to be pigeon-holed, weaving themselves into eclecticism. Suburi's Tril0kan is no exception to this, and manga-comedy is its hyphenation of choice. More hyphens will follow…

First up is the original Tril0kan, the Fantasy-manga-comedy. According to Trilokan's About page, it's "a parody of japanese fantasy mangas, meant to be viewed in good-natured humour."

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