Killroy and Tina’s 2nd Anniversary Charity Auction!

In November of 2001, Killroy and Tina made its online debut with little fanfare, acclaim, or talent. In a time when the word “hiatus”
was a webcomic’s silent death, Killroy and Tina (KnT for short) kept plugging away for whatever reason. Two life-sucking years and
almost 200 full-color pages later, KnT has spun off Keenspace not only to its own domain, but also to the Modern Tales sister site Graphic Smash, various Modern Tales syndications, and possibly a few unauthorized Comic Reaper thefts. It is viewed in numerous countries throughout the globe, and has been published in, at very least, one language.

To celebrate two years on the Web, I’m having a Very Special eBay Auction for the One-of-a-Kind Killroy Action Figure!

I made this guy on a weekend, pretty much to see if I could. He’s a WWF wrestler modified with Sculpey, sanded and painted to look like the Blue Behemoth himself. I always wanted a Killroy action figure, but in the interests of God and Mankind I have decided to part with it – but for a good cause!

All proceeds from the Killroy figure auction go straight to the UK-based charity Comic Relief. Launched from a refugee camp in 1985, Comic Relief provides aid both domestically and internationally. They use their donations efficiently, and (perhaps most important) it is long distance for them to call me and ask for more. They truly are a worthy recipient, whether this auction raises as little as $5.00, or as much as $6.50.

The specifics: If you’re interested in the Killroy figure auction, it will start at $5.00 on Wednesday, November 5th (the anniversary itself) at approximately 12:00am Central, the same time Wednesday’s comic updates. It will end at the same time one week later (Nov 12th).

Chances are good that I’ll never have the wherewithal to make another of these! This is probably your one chance at a Killroy figure!

Don’t miss it!