WirePop announces the addition of Masaru

WirePop — www.wirepop.com — announced today the new webcomic “Masaru,” by Brian Holley, will be joining the webcomic line-up on WirePop.com, the growing Manga and Manga-styled webcomic subscription magazine.

“Masaru breaks from the norm when it comes to mange-styled comics.” says Panella, WirePops’ Publisher “Brian is putting a unique spin on the super hero tale and putting it in a highly animated style comic. I think everyone will be surprised at the clean look of this comic by the very talented team that Brian has put together, and we’re glad they decided to join WirePop.”

Holley, talked about “Masaru” saying, “The title is about a twelve year-old kid that is the strongest super-hero in the Universe! He is physically strong, you know, like Hulk or Superman. Some of the ideas we explore are: ‘What kind of an attitude would a kid that age, with that kind of power, really have?’ and ‘How would other super-heroes (and villains) react?’ Masaru experiences a series of adventures that lead him across the Galaxy, and eventually into a discovery of the true source of his awesome power.

“I am so excited about the team we have put together for Masaru that I feel like I’m going to ‘pop’! Omar’s pencils have a unique Manga feel, and Santiago Lozano, a world-class artist, is doing the finishes, inks and colors. We couldn’t have a better team.” Continue Reading


WirePop extends submission due date

WirePop — www.wirepop.com — The first online publisher and subscription site of Manga and Manga-styled English comics, announced today that it will be extending the initial submission phase for the WirePop.com comic line-up. George Panella, WirePops’ Publisher, made this decision after receiving many requests by eager artists that more time was needed. “I felt it was only fair to give everyone a decent amount of time to submit their work. Since it is summer and many people are busy it seemed to make sense that more time would be needed.” said Panella. “I think this extension will give WirePop a better variety of comics to choose from to add to the final line up.”

WirePop will publish 20 exclusive webcomics on it’s upcoming website WirePop.com by independent comic book creators. “There are a lot of very talented artists just waiting to be published and bring their great stories and art to the public eye,” said Panella “and WirePop is here to help them get there.”

The extended submission now ends on July 31, 2003. “Now’s the time to submit and join this growing company.” said Panella.

For more information go to WirePop.com.

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WirePop announces the addition of Realms of Ishikaze

WirePop — www.wirepop.com — announced today the new webcomic “Realms of Ishikaze,” by Dan Hess, will be joining the webcomic line-up on WirePop.com, the growing Manga and Manga-styled webcomic subscription magazine.

“We are really glad to have Dan join the WirePop.com crew.” said George Panella, WirePops’ Publisher. “He brings with him great experience, comical plotlines and a unique style all his own. His comic, ‘Realms of Ishikaze,’ will easily attract the large group of gamers that play online role-playing games by giving a light spin on the daily dealings in a virtual world.” Continue Reading


The first Manga subscription site now accepting submissions

The first all Manga subscription site called WirePop is being built. WirePop will publish comics online and also (eventually) in a print anthology. The online site will be a subscription site not much unlike the current comic subscription sites already out there. It will be powered by a fully custom backend system that will give the creators the power to update and manage their comic(s) online. The site will also feature creator journals, galleries, file downloads, cast lists, articles and more. For paying subscribers they will have access to new content each week if not everyday. And every WirePop comic will have something for the Manga fan to enjoy.

Right now submissions are being accepted from Manga artists to publish. Each comic will receive a payout every month (provided they earned a minimum amount for that month) based on percentages gained that month. Go to WirePop and read the submission page for how to submit. Continue Reading