The first Manga subscription site now accepting submissions

The first all Manga subscription site called WirePop is being built. WirePop will publish comics online and also (eventually) in a print anthology. The online site will be a subscription site not much unlike the current comic subscription sites already out there. It will be powered by a fully custom backend system that will give the creators the power to update and manage their comic(s) online. The site will also feature creator journals, galleries, file downloads, cast lists, articles and more. For paying subscribers they will have access to new content each week if not everyday. And every WirePop comic will have something for the Manga fan to enjoy.

Right now submissions are being accepted from Manga artists to publish. Each comic will receive a payout every month (provided they earned a minimum amount for that month) based on percentages gained that month. Go to WirePop and read the submission page for how to submit.