Vicious Souvenirs returns!

John Barber’s CCA-nominated series Vicious Souvenirs has returned to ModernTales following long-lasting and near-fatal computer problems.

Returning to its fortnightly schedule, chapter 3 of Last Train to Tomorrow, “A Equals A”, has media-mogul turned would-be world conqueror Dorian Closer coming to America and igniting the biggest riot in the nation’s history.

Meanwhile the mysterious Anias makes a mysterious phone call that could have important consequences for all the cast.

Barber has also recently debuted two medium-bending efforts at Modern Tales Longplay. Ambient History is the sideways-scrolling montage of images and fragments of conversation, about Jack the Ripper, immortality, and the romance of stalkers that prompted Bill Duncan to declare “John Barber is a webcomic prophet!”

Kicking Hitler to Death is Barber’s first collaboration with webcomics pioneer Daniel Merlin Goodbrey–a violent and funny little thing in which somebody kicks…ah, but that would be telling.

Barber’s other comics can be found, as always, at