New Modern Tales Series Debuts Today

Not only is there a new Vicious Souvenirs up at ModernTales (and with all of book 1 still available from BitPass), but Location Location Location, the new series, is live and daily!

For one brief, shining moment, they were the most popular all-robot band on Earth. Now, ten years later, a documentary film exhumes the bloated corpse that once was…Suspicious Package!

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BitPass comes to!

Nine comics, previously available only to ModernTales subscribers, are now available via BitPass at! These comics include not only work by John Barber, but also collaborations with webcomics superstars Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Brendan Cahill.

The entire first series of Barber’s Vicious Souvenirs, “Make Forever Mine” is available for 35¢ a chapter. Additionally, two shorter stand-alone comics have also been made available via Bitpass: the Daniel Merlin Goodbrey-scripted/Barber drawn Kicking Hitler to Death and the strange and experimental AmbientHistory. Each is also 35¢. Continue Reading


John Barber Interviewed by Director Sebastien Dumesnel

A discussion between filmmaker Sebastien Dumesnel (director of the upcoming Adventures into Digital Comics) and John Barber (of and ModernTale’s Vicious Souvenirs fame) is online at

Barber opines about mainstream comics, both online and in print, and discusses if it’s even possible to not read comics, which he doesn’t think it is. Barber’s comics are to be among those featured in Dumesnel’s forthcoming film on the impact computers have made on comics. Continue Reading same great address, new great taste.

The new is now still live!

The site has still been revamped from head to toe, sporting an easier-to-use interface and a cleaner design providing access to all of John Barber’s comics, writing, and more.

Still headlining the new site is a short comic called Archeologistsby Toon Art author Steven Withrow and John Barber. Archeologists is a visual poem, and the first collaboration between the two, and features an intriguing linking of word and image.

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