BitPass comes to!

Nine comics, previously available only to ModernTales subscribers, are now available via BitPass at! These comics include not only work by John Barber, but also collaborations with webcomics superstars Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Brendan Cahill.

The entire first series of Barber’s Vicious Souvenirs, “Make Forever Mine” is available for 35¢ a chapter. Additionally, two shorter stand-alone comics have also been made available via Bitpass: the Daniel Merlin Goodbrey-scripted/Barber drawn Kicking Hitler to Death and the strange and experimental AmbientHistory. Each is also 35¢.

Vicious Souvenirs is the story of two young superpowered criminals who get caught in the machinations of a man named Dorian Closer. Closer has a plan: topple the world’s governments and remake the global economy in his own image. He has the resources and the brains; he has the friends and the enemies. And his two young recruits, Wikkid and Diesel, have to work through the dubious moral territory–is Closer’s plan heroism or terrorism? The series uses a unique method of presentation that can be previewed at

Also available is the special Vicious Souvenirs episode “Young Wikkid and Diesel Play the Odds” with art and programming by Outside the Box’s Brendan Cahill.

Vicious Souvenirs book two should be available through BitPass in by the year’s end, as the book comes to its conclusion and the third and final book of Vicious Souvenirs begins.

Barber’s association with ModernTales remains unaffected; the advent of BitPass simply allows readers who might not want to subscribe to a site the chance to read Barber’s comics.