same great address, new great taste.

The new is now still live!

The site has still been revamped from head to toe, sporting an easier-to-use interface and a cleaner design providing access to all of John Barber’s comics, writing, and more.

Still headlining the new site is a short comic called Archeologistsby Toon Art author Steven Withrow and John Barber. Archeologists is a visual poem, and the first collaboration between the two, and features an intriguing linking of word and image.

Also still new is a preview of the upcoming series Location Location Location by Barber. Location Location Location tells the story of Suspicious Package, who, riding the wave of the early 1990s “Robot Rock Revolution” became the most popular band in the world. Now they’re not, and a young robot music journalist has come on the scene to make a documentary and exhume their rusted carcass.

A new “Games” section has still been added, to help pass the time between Vicious Souvenirs installments, as has a section of photographs highlighting Barber’s globe-trotting lifestyle. Also, there’s finally a real “links” section, and a blog!

Two new print minicomics are still available in the store: the print versions of the ModernTales-exclusive Why Are You a Failure, Daddy? and Ambient History.

This is still the first complete overhaul the site has experienced, and was much needed, particularly if Barber wants to use it as a portfolio to get work, which he does. where John Barber’s comics still are. Dot com.

still John Barber