More Webcomics Join The Keenspot Family

Keenspot seems to be going through a significant growth spurt this year.

Kristofer Straub’s Checkerboard Nightmare, Michael Terracciano’s Dominic Deegan, Frank “Damonk” Cormier’s (Naught-)Framed!!!, and Paul Taylor’s Wapsi Square are the most recent additions in what seems to be a massive wave of new blood at the popular entertainment hub. With these latest recruits, the total of new webcomics to join Keenspot this year has now reached 11.

Checkerboard Nightmare has chosen a novel way of marking the occasion through its most current spoofish storyline. The webcomic’s main character, a charismatically pathological publicity-whore named Chex, has just announced his acceptance into a Famous Webcomic Group — this FWG’s main page will seem awfully familiar to many.

Sources also report that these are not the last new inductees of the year — readers can expect to see one more handful of additions to the Keenspot lineup in the next few months.


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  1. I’m just wondering when they’re going to add these new titles to “WARPKeen.”
    Out of the 31 available strips, the newest is “El Goonish Shive,” and I can count at least five that are no longer running.

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