What Bill Duncan is Reading

Bill here, your resident image jockey for Comixpedia, and the occasional brains behind much monster mashing. I’m up early most mornings, and often in a rush, but I make time to read a few of my favorites before I hit the shower and go on about my day.

1. American Elf by James Kochalka. I’m a big fan of Kochalka’s Sketchbook Diaries, and I really enjoy being able to experience it day by day. Sometimes it’s brilliant and sometimes it’s inane, but that’s life.

2. Scary Go Round by John Allison. Bobbins was one of my first favorites, but Scary Go Round has all the bits I liked about his last strip and everything I wish I thought of first. Great stuff.

3. WIGU by Jeff Rowland. I came in late for When I Grow Up, but just in time for Jeff to reinvent himself with WIGU, which has been one of the most consistently strange and funny strips on my reading list. Who doesn’t love a potato made of poison?

4. Man Man by James Duncan and Matt Shepherd. Even if I weren’t related to one of the creators and good friends with the other (no bias here), I would still read Man Man every morning – particularly since the recent revamp. Although they have irrevocably affected the way I look at cheese and meat, they still manage to make me laugh.

5. Ornery Boy by Michael Lalonde. Though Michael only publishes one or two strips a week, I find myself looking forward to finding another update notice in my email. Ornery Boy and Dirty Girl are kind of the every-boy and every-girl of the Internet. Besides, if you subscribe you can be a “moody bastard.”

BIll Duncan