Modern Evil accepting comics submissions

Modern Evil is currently accepting submissions for comics. (Direct Link to article on submissions)

In the past, while Modern Evil has been proud to be home to the writings of other people (blogs, Poetry, Fiction, Reviews, etc…), it has only ever hosted comics by its co-founders Iain Hamp and Teel McClanahan III. Beginning in September, this is going to change. This means free hosting at Modern Evil for comics selected, and potentially some income for creators as Modern Evil also launches its new “Premium” section of exclusive material in September, available for pennies via BitPass.

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Scott McCloud’s Morning Improv is back!

The Morning Improv by Scott McCloud is back, after over a year’s hiatus.

The comic is still free, but now instead of Scott selecting the title of the next comic from the thousands that get submitted to him, readers ‘vote’ for their favorite of ten titles by donating pennies to Scott McCloud via BitPass. Readers can donate from 1 cent to 99 cents, and each penny counts as a vote for that title. At the end of the voting, Scott improvises a comic based on the title with the most pennies.

The archives from all of last year’s Morning Improv comics is still online, and still free. Check ’em out! Continue Reading