Modern Evil accepting comics submissions

Modern Evil is currently accepting submissions for comics. (Direct Link to article on submissions)

In the past, while Modern Evil has been proud to be home to the writings of other people (blogs, Poetry, Fiction, Reviews, etc…), it has only ever hosted comics by its co-founders Iain Hamp and Teel McClanahan III. Beginning in September, this is going to change. This means free hosting at Modern Evil for comics selected, and potentially some income for creators as Modern Evil also launches its new “Premium” section of exclusive material in September, available for pennies via BitPass.

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Modern Evil will be accepting submissions for new creators through September 1st, 2003. Up to five new comics will be selected from these submissions. Submissions are also being accepted for the other areas of the site, so if you love comics but would prefer to write a weekly column or reviews (of comics, movies, music, whatever) or fiction or poetry or have an outlet for your music, you’re welcome to apply.

While the primary purpose of offering open submissions is to build a robust “Premium” catalogue of content from many creators, Modern Evil is also looking to diversify the existing content base of free material so that there is a balance between what is free and what people have to pitch in their pennies for. So if you’re sick of the other free hosting options available to you and you have an existing or new comic that you feel would fit in at Modern Evil, this is your chance to get free hosting and a built-in audience.

If you’re interested in trying out the exciting world of micropayments, but don’t know whether your audience would be big enough or interested enough to spend their time and money on just your comic, this may be the opportunity for you, too! While a pricing schedule is not set yet, Modern Evil hopes to offer an easy-to-understand system that will allow readers to get a glimpse of each different comic (and all other content) in the “Premium” section for as little as one cent, which means that people who pay the penny to see something else in the “Premium” section will be able to see part of your offering at the same time for free. Everyone who makes a proper submission will have a chance to hear about the entire plan (-in-progress) for pricing.

Modern Evil is not looking to build a media empire quite yet, just a small group of several comics and other content. Small enough that they support each other rather than offer so many options that they drown each other out, and for a very, very reasonable set of prices.

To submit your comic or other idea, send an email to with a description of your ideas. If you’re submitting a comic, be sure to include links to examples of your work online, as well as brief descriptions of your characters, settings, and planned/existing storylines. No matter what you’re submitting, include information about how frequently you plan to update, ie: seven days a week, MWF, weekly, monthly, annually, centennially, etc… Quantity will be considered alongside quality, and may effect the number of submissions accepted. Adult content will be considered, and will undergo close scrutiny for general entertainment value.