Shaenon Garrity Seeks FC/IC Artist

From the Talkaboutcomics forums:

Good afternoon. I’m Shaenon Garrity, webcartoonist and Modern Tales goodwill ambassador. I write and draw “Narbonic” on, I write “Li’l Mell” on, I sporadically write “Trunktown” on, and I am always right.

I come to you today because I wish to submit a comic to Graphic Smash, an upcoming Modern Tales sister site devoted to action/adventure comics, and I need an artist.

The comic will be part superhero adventure, part campus comedy, sort of like “Spider-Man” without all the Objectivism. The format: full color and infinite canvas. I am looking for someone with a bright, bold, iconic, gently cartoony style, along the lines of C.C. Beck or Jack Cole (or, to substitute webcomics examples, Jason Little or Derek Kirk Kim). I have a very specific idea of what I want, and if I can’t find it, I just won’t do the comic. So don’t take it personally if I don’t bring you on board. It’s not you, it’s me.

Beyond that, if you’re still interested, my only requirement is that you be able and willing to stick to a weekly schedule, and work ahead of schedule when possible. Because this comic will have “pages” of different sizes and shapes, it may not be possible to complete a full installment each week, but we must have *something* to post, even if it’s just a few panels. I am charming, generous, and a delight to work with, as my collaborators Tom Hart and Vera Brosgol can gladly attest. Actually, Vera will probably say I’m a jerk, but she lies like a tablecloth, and anyway she bit me.

To start, I want to assemble a couple of sample pages to submit to Graphic Smash. If we get the gig, we will split the profits 50/50. The payment system used by the Modern Tales sites is pretty simple: the money made by the site is split between the creators, with the comics that get the most hits getting the most money. An advance warning: although the money in Modern Tales can be pretty good, it can also be pretty piddling, especially on the sister sites. I currently make about $300 a month from my comic on, but only about $10 a month from my comic on So please do not come into this expecting the mucho dinero, the life of Riley, the Irish Sweepstakes, the green light at the end of the pier. We are doing this for the love of webcomics, and for small amounts of money which we can spend on Coke and Fritos.

If this sounds like a rad project, contact me ( and attach some samples of your art. We’ll talk. It will be smooth.

Shaenon K. Garrity


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