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STOP COLLABORATE AND LISTEN: The Webcomic Beacon matched some creators up for Webcomic Blind Date 2012 — five pairs came through with a webcomic.

HYPE: Exactly what happened in A Wrinkle in Time — a webcomic valentine from Faith Erin Hicks to the famous book.

TOOLS: Robot6 notes that Ben Towle has moved his webcomic Oyster War from Tumblr to its own website.  He is using WordPress with the Webcomic plug-in. I suspect Comicpress is still more widely in use but I see Webcomic a whole lot too.  I wonder what the actually numbers for both are.

MAILBAG: Colin P. Delaney writes in about The Amazing Adventures of Cat Prentis — a seven-chapter, serialized graphic novel written by himself and with art from Tony Gazso. It's about teenager Catherine “Cat” Prentis, burdened by magical powers she can barely control, she must hide away her true nature as she muddles through high school, equally desperate to avoid both social stigmatization and the all-too frequent demon attack.  

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American Erfs: Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi

Erfworld is a hilarious adventure comic set in a world that seems to operate according to the laws of a role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons.  The main character Parson is from our world and he is suddenly thrust into the world of Erfworld in the midst of a titantic battle between various factions.  It's funny on a lot of levels.  Yes you will probably laugh more and longer if you've ever played a role playing game but even if you haven't Rob Balder's wordplay and Jamie Noguchi's artwork will still entertain you.

Rob Balder is well known to many webcomic creators and readers for his work on Partially Clips, a satirical comic that uses clip art.  He's also a musician and an associate editor of the fiction and fandom 'zine Nth DegreeWe interviewed Rob for ComixTALK once before back in 2004.  Jamie Noguchi currently has a day job as a self-described "multimedia monkey" for NASA and used to work as a colorist with UDON Entertainment.  He also illustrates various things including Erfworld and hopes to someday move into doing full time illustration.

I've known Rob and Jamie for years now – I met Rob initially at SPX and have hung out with both at local Washington Webcomics meetings.  They both strike me as passionate about comics and story-telling and I was not at all surprised at the success of Erfworld.  I got a chance to interview them by email about the state of Erfworld and plans for 2009.

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My Life in Webcomics: An Interview with Grant Thomas

Grant Thomas is the creator of several comics including the more personal My Life in Records and the more adventuresome Graphic Poems.  I think Grant has been creating some of the more interesting and challenging comics I've seen in webcomics and his stuff is well worth checking out.

Grant's also been a contributor to ComixTALK, creating the cover art for ComixTALK for December of 2008 and writing several features for the magazine, including a three part series on creating mini-comics.  I got a chance to chat with Grant recently about his plans for 2009, including the next chapter of My Life in Records and the inclusion of his work in an upcoming book from Fantagraphics.

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CulturePulp Covers Fake Wedding Staged by Cartoonist Barry Deutch

Wow.  Okay cartoonist Barry Deutch ( and is actually a wedding planner as well and he recently staged a fake wedding in Portland, OR ("I see a lot of weddings. I wanted to make fun of them.").  Cartoonist Mike Russell covered it in his reporting comic, CulturePulp.  Russell’s comic is hilarious (and the wedding is filled with even more local cartoonists such as Meconis, Manley Lee and Mudron).

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