2008 Shuster Award Nominees

The Shusters honor Canadian comics and their creators – click here for this year’s nominees.  The Outstanding Webcomic Creators nominees are:

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The April Fools Issue

This post will get rewritten (for now I’m just too tired!) but for now I just want to point out that the center of the new site design will display our longer articles: features, columns, reviews and interviews.  Daily news and blogging will now appear on the right column (with tabs to choose between "featured" which displays a combination of staff posts and selected user talk posts and "talk posts" which displays the five most recent user posts).

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Dave Kelly and the Lizard: We’re Not Living In Greytown Anymore

Professional cartoonist Dave Kelly may have a twisted sense of humor and a wacky animation style. He may be weird or even a genius. But maybe he's just a shy, private guy with a great sense of creativity. Any opinion may just suffice, depending on the particular side this 22-year-old decides to show.

"I like that people have a solid opinion of me, if it's good or bad or weird," Kelly says. "I don't want to be plain, normal and boring."

Plain, normal and boring may never describe this comic mastermind from West Philadelphia. Kelly is the author and artist of many Web comics, including the completed work (and probably his most renowned) Living In Greytown, a bizarre comic about a town with no exits and the many living beings that are stuck there.

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