The April Fools Issue

This post will get rewritten (for now I’m just too tired!) but for now I just want to point out that the center of the new site design will display our longer articles: features, columns, reviews and interviews.  Daily news and blogging will now appear on the right column (with tabs to choose between "featured" which displays a combination of staff posts and selected user talk posts and "talk posts" which displays the five most recent user posts).

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Rebooting Comixpedia, Part 5: Genres and Formats?

I want to adopt a more systematic method of describing webcomics for Comixpedia. Part of this is needed for a forthcoming library of creators for Comixpedia. My first take is to adopt a list of genres and formats so that each comic can be tagged with both.

Here’s how I would break down formats:
– Series (unlimited)
– Limited Series (published in serialized format)
– Novella (published as a complete webcomic)
– Short Story (published as a complete webcomic)

Genres could be pretty discrete or as simple as splitting up comedy and drama. But what do you think? How would you set up your ideal taxonomy for webcomics and their creators? Your comments will definitely help me with this effort. Continue Reading

Rebooting Comixpedia, Part 3: Contributor Bios and Images

Part of the new publishing platform I’ll be rolling out for the new Comixpedia site makes it a lot easier to publish the monthly magazine. Now all contributors will have one biography attached to all stories they write for us. This makes it easier for us (no need to retype each time a new story is published) and better for the contributor (no matter when someone reads a story they see your current biography).

If you’ve contributed to Comixpedia and want to submit a new bio go ahead and email me. Also, all contributors may now have a 100 x 100 pixel image to go with their stories. If you want to submit one, include it on an email to me.

I just finished loading in all of the stories published in 2003. Click read more for a list of contributors from that year. (One of the nice new features will be the ability to easily see all of the articles each contributor has written for Comixpedia.) Continue Reading

Rebooting Comixpedia Part 2: Groups and Avatars

Groups are cool. Local groups where you can get together to talk in person are great. Groups online where you can find more targeted shared interests are great. There’s a much easier way to set up, join and use groups on the forthcoming, new Comixpedia site.

A couple of requests: If you have a local group tell me about it so I can set it up for you on the new site. If you have a request for a shared interest group post it here (other ideas for groups are welcome to).

Avatars are also cool (I’d say “rad” but I think 80’s nostalgia is already come and gone). You can use off-site avatars on the new forums but here’s another suggestion – if you want to provide an avatar for anyone on the site to use – post it here and I’ll grab it and load it. You need to have the ability to give me a license to use on the site (i.e., it’s got to be an image you have the copyright for), it should be 100 x 100 or smaller and keep the file size small. I think this could be pretty radcool if the forums and posts are filled with webcomic character avatars.

Also, I’m still going to nag folks for feedback on the forums until I get some. Continue Reading

Rebooting Comixpedia, Part 1: Forums

It’s not ready yet (but still likely to be ready before the end of this year) but I’ve been working–when I can–on building a new Comixpedia. Some of it will be big, some subtle and some of it only benefits staff (lots more efficiency behind the scenes).

The forums have been a crucial component of Comixpedia, but here’s a chance to give me some feedback.

1. Do you like the way the existing forum are organized by subject matter or would you rather see something different? For example our general webcomics discussion is split into art, writing, school, business and theory. Would folks like to have forums for genre specific discussion in addition (or instead) to these? What about serial versus long-form?

2. I’m inclined to restrict postings to registered members to cut down on increasing spam. If you’ve got alternate ideas pitch them here.

3. I’d really like to see if we can get some moderators/leaders to help keep the various forums interesting. If you have an interest in moderating a forum let me know. I don’t have a budget to pay people but we can probably give you banners or other pluggage here on the site.

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Changes At Comixpedia

First, I want to welcome some new folks to the staff at Comixpedia. Erik Melander is the newest news editor at Comixpedia. He also recently started a column at Comixpedia, “Through the Looking Back Glass.” In addition, Wednesday White and Laura Steadwell have both joined the editorial staff as Associate Editors. Wednesday White has been a long-time contributor to Comixpedia and we are excited to see her expand her role here. Laura is new to Comixpedia and we look forward to her contributions.

Second, I’m happy to announce that Comixpedia will be able to begin paying contributors for articles published on the site. More details will be on the Submissions page shortly. It’s a baby step, but it is progress.

Third, starting with the next issue, Comixpedia will begin publishing its monthly issues on a three-week cycle. This may mean a slight reduction in the number of articles per month; it will definitely mean a reduction in the stress of Comixpedia editors.

Fourth, we now offer two ways to advertise at Comixpedia. You can purchase a spot in the rotation of banner ads at the top of the site or you can purchase a BlogAd. A BlogAd shows up on every view of the front page of the site for the entire period you purchase. So for example, if you buy an ad for a week, it shows up here on the front page of Comixpedia everytime someone views the front page of Comixpedia. Our rates for BlogAds are $10 for 1 week; $15 for 2 weeks; $25 for 1 month; and $50 for 3 months. For the next two weeks I’ve dropped the price for 2 weeks to $10. More details on our advertising options can be found here. Continue Reading

Fright Night Special Event! And the October Webcomic Jam!

Bill Duncan and Jon Morris have been working hard… to bring you Fright Night 6! We had so much fun with hosting Fright Night last year that we had to do it again. Click away to get all the details on this year’s webcomic making contest. The big deadline for entries is October 24th.

And don’t forget the third weekly webcomic jam has now begun! Be sure to check out the latest updates every Sunday. Continue Reading

Transitions: Comixpedia Begins Second Act

As we roll out the final week of this issue it’s a good time to say thanks to the many folks who have worked hard to create this magazine and website called Comixpedia.

Why now?

Well besides the fact that the September 2004 issue is the 20th installment of Comixpedia, Frank "Damonk" Cormier is turning over the editorial reins of Comixpedia magazine to Xaviar Xerexes (See, I’m already writing in the third person – this EiC thing is going to go to my head!) and in many ways this marks the end of the first chapter for Comixpedia. It is also the beginning of a second act for Comixpedia, o­ne where I fully intend to bring new voices and new features to this project to continue to make it a worthwhile resource for the webcomics community as well as a great read every month. Continue Reading