Needs Beta Testers

If you are the creator of an established “adult” or “erotic” webcomic, and would like to be a beta tester for the new hosting and automation service, which will be powered by the Web Comics Nation software engine, post to this TalkAboutComics thread. Be sure to include:

1. The URL of your existing adult or erotic webcomic

2. Some details about how you’d like to use a hosting and automation service (what’s your business model, your update schedule, etc)

I will select somewhere between 10 and 20 beta testers. Selection will not be based on quality, popularity, or anything like that — I’m looking for a wide variety of people who will use the service in a wide variety of ways (and will therefore ensure that every little bit of the service gets tested). So, for example, if cartoonist X and cartoonist Y plan to use the service in exactly the same ways, only one of them will be selected — probably the first one to post.

Note that *only* people with adult or erotic webcomics will be accepted. That’s a reversal, eh?

Beta testers will get free accounts for life.
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Webcomickers Win Lulu Awards

The Lulu Awards, given every year at San Diego Comic-Con by the Friends of Lulu, have been announced. Several members of the webcomics community got nods this year, including Shaenon K. Garrity and The Flight Anthology (tie for Lulu of the Year) and Vera Brosgol (Kim Yale Award). Another facet of the Internet’s impact on the comics industry as a whole was also represented in the “Woman of Distinction” Award, which went to blogger Heidi MacDonald (from’s The Beat). Continue Reading